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Kemcon Inc was founded in 2001, we really mean it when we say we are here to help you!

Kemcon Mission Statement

To be the number one point of reference for emergency recovery and restoration services in North America and to provide ultimate solutions for every emergency situation regardless of the degree of severity.

Kemcon Advantage

Kemcon is a restoration company and prides itself on going above and beyond its customers’ needs and expectations, thriving on personalized, individualized service.  Kemcon’s teams of professional and courteous field and back office staff are equipped to handle disastrous events on all levels while maintaining a level of consistent service expected from insurers.

What’s Your Emergency?

Kemcon offers a full range of emergency services in the GTA stemming from flood and fire recovery to mold removal and trauma situations, spill and hazmat response, collapse stabilization just to name a few.  Whatever your emergency is, Kemcon is there to fulfill your needs and requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kemcon Extensive Knowledge

Every emergency brings its own set of unique challenges and tasks; Kemcon works diligently to perform an analysis of each unique situation and implements a speedy work response catered to each emergency. Kemcon’s teams are engaged in continuous training and development regarding building structures and codes; as well they are updated regularly on city by laws in order to perform optimally.


  • Fast response, accurate execution, and excellent work ethics
  • Kemcon owns the city’s largest inventory of equipment, over $1M
  • Your emergency is Kemcon’s first priority
  • There is NO job too big or too small for Kemcon
  • Strategically located in and around the GTA for fast response and quick service




Kemcon Inc was founded in 2001, we really mean it when we say we are here to help you!


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